Červenec 2017

Something unbelievable

8. července 2017 v 13:02 | Tom |  Trocha poezie

I have seen something unbelievable,
it's in your heart,
i have seen something unbelievable,
is it music? Is it love?

I have seen something unbelievable,
it's on your eyes,
shining stars are reflected so appreciable,
it's a magic. And it is nice.


7. července 2017 v 17:43 | Tom |  Trocha poezie

We are never losing our power,
we're chasing ourselves like the hunger lions,
there will always be that desire,
but we're stucked with fighting with all of that science.

Standing twosome, face to face, tighter,
both coming closer, carefully, very slow,
we are ready to savage each other,
but we are never gonna wanna let it know.

(Wub wub wub bwah ...)

Cut your claws into my furry skin,
find the pleasure in danger we turned (into),
cause the one, who always plays with fire,
can very easily and instantly get burned.

(Wub wub wub bwah ...)